Charles the Drum (pony)

A bit of a swap round today.

Charles went into the girl’s field while Raw Deal was taken out.


Delia (aka Raw Deal) is still not looking good.  She will go back to Jo’s to see how she gets on with more food, a rug and a stable for the bad weather and then we will reassess.


Charles, on the other hand, is doing very well. He is what is known as “a good doer” in the trade or a Fat Bastard (depending on who you are talking to).  He looks like a miniature regimental drum horse (a Shrinkle – remember them?) with him being the drum!  He used to be such a dainty little boy and now he is, well, umm, not.


Looking at that photo, i am now even more shocked and a little depressed.


Anyway, Charles doesn’t care if he is portly or not.  He is still a hit with the girls.


Zoot was particularly taken with his good looks.  I can almost hear her shouting “come back, come back!”.

BN2A1283   BN2A1316

So this is where he will spend his winter – with three admiring ladies, Vitamin, Lyra and Zoot.


They will let him know when he can admire, thank you very much!


Charlie’s good looks and charm will soon bring them round or maybe he will lose some weight running away or running after them.


4 thoughts on “Charles the Drum (pony)

  1. Heather

    Thanks so much for the good laugh! And oh, how I can relate. I have a red and white pinto driving pony very much like your Charlie and have been lamenting lately just how “fluffy” he has become. Even with a drylot, grazing muzzle and slow feed hay bags, our rich Pennsylvania pastures can really pack on the weight. Thanks for sharing your adorable ponies and home I look forward to your blog everyday. Scotland is beautiful!!

  2. Linda K

    He looks a right character, does Charlie, and I don’t imagine he’s bothered by the loss of his youthful figure.


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