So, Floss and I were driving over to Leradale. The access track goes around part of the Icelandic horse ladies’ field and I notice a field full of horses!  There are only supposed to be three.

After more looking, we summised that the Minions had managed to get into the Icelandic horses’ field and more, extraordinarily, they were all still alive!  Hetja has a pathological hatred of Shetland ponies in her field.

The Icelandic ladies instantly rushed up to tell me about the small hairy invaders and so I diverted them by quickly putting out their feed. Meanwhile Floss led the Minions out of the field by waving her bag of carrots and walking quickly back to their field.  They followed.

Interestingly enough, apart from 6 minions, Vitamin and Fivla (the old Shetland pony ladies) did not follow.  They know better than to incur the wrath of Hetja.

Leaving the big ones with their food, I pushed the stragglers (Waffle and Albie) back through the very obvious escape route.

We shut it and retied the fence, vowing to return tomorrow with some industrial rope.

And then Floss and I sat on a dry-ish rock each and proceeded to read The Riot Act.

Of course the Minions listened and took it all in.

We thought they probably hadn’t been in the wrong field for very long as they looked unscathed (Hetja’s teeth) and not particularly sweaty (being chased by Hetja – she does not give up).

I am glad Vitamin and Fivla had the sense to stay out.  They are old ladies and would’ve hated all the hassle.

I hope The Riot Act was duly understood and taken on board.

I have a horrible feeling I know who the perpetrator was……

Anyway, no one seems the worst for this unexpected introduction.

I also think a certain Sóley-the-Foalie would’ve loved some new toys to play with but Mummy said no!

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