Blimmin’ Freezing

Before you look at the photos below, I want you to know that it was blimmin’ freezing when I stood outside the backdoor, in my slippers, head-torch on, and iPhone precariously balanced on two long screws (with a huge Belfast sink of old green water below), while trying to remember to turn my head-torch off before I pressed the remote shutter release, which I found on my watch (how cool is that?)

I was also trying to cook supper too so there was lots of toing and froing.

Last night, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis or Mirrie Dancers, as they are called in Shetland, started up surprisingly early.  Around 17:18.

I started to get quite excited at this point – 17:45.

And it was quite well spread out too – this is looking more north north west.

After supper, I went back out at 19:03 to see the moon rising, which added too much light for seeing anything much and it seemed that everything had calmed down again.

So I didn’t bother much looking, though I kept an eye on things via the Sumburgh Cliffcam 3, and Facebook. I had my bath and went to bed to read and relax when I received a message saying they were back, so I hopped out, now in my dressing-gown and took these last photos.

Yes, it was freezing cold (serious brass monkeys) but it was definitely worth it.  Thanks, Mandy for your message! ❤️

14 thoughts on “Blimmin’ Freezing

  1. Colleen McNamara

    These are truly amazing. Thank you for freezing your” bippy” off to bring them to us. Someday I want to see the “dancers” in person. BUT Gil reminds me that they dance only in the coldest of winters (usually not my style) DUH

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    I always enjoy your photos but there’s a spectacularly beautiful! Thank you for freezing for our! Be assured it is greatly appreciated!

  3. Jean Yeomans

    Wow! You were so lucky to see so much red! In Iceland and here in the Midwestern US I’ve seen mostly green. Thank you so much for sharing your photos!

  4. Denny144

    Thank you for the amazing photos. I live near Detroit in the US and we were supposed to have a rare good chance to see the lights. But it ended up being completely cloudy.

  5. Deb C

    wow, just magical. Thanks for freezing to get those pics. I tried watching the webcam but at one point it wasn’t refreshing. Probably a lot of traffic on the site.


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