Best of Friends

We’ve had a lovely few days this week, weather-wise, so OH and I have been outside working. Him on the windows and me in the garden, digging up my tatties and seeing if we have any Jerusalem (f)artichokes for Christmas and I think we just might, but don’t quote me.  It’s still a long time until Christmas.

So, of course, everyone else has been outside too.

I would like to say that these two are the best of friends…… sometimes…. but Monster just can’t resist being the elephant, sorry, element, of surprise.

Pepper was undeterred and Monster said he was sorry, sort of.

And even copped a pervy sniff for good measure.  He is such a wierdo.

Apparently they’re the best of friends, you see, ……

…. who can have their Abba moments too.

Later on, I wandered over to check on the Minions.  I was taking this photo of Storm who was wearing his best behaviour face when I noticed what was going on behind him…..

Pepper was talking to these three, and I’m not going to write “wise monkeys” because they’re not.  (L-R) – Silver, Newt and Waffle.

I love how Pepper does her best to get along.

Newt, of course, is Pepper’s favourite pony friend – he is seldom mean to her. Just everyone else.

And Waffle looking at something.

I love days like this with everyone getting along.   Mostly rare.


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