Being Me

The weather is alternating between gales, horizontal rain and occasional wintry showers.

Last week, I was feeling sorry for the horses/ponies and we dragged a big bale of silage over to Thordale.

Because I wanted to keep Haakon off the mud and let his hoof dry out a bit, I let him and a friend of his choice have free access to the bale.  They were very happy to oblige.


For the last few days, the forecast has been particularly tiresome, I let everyone up to attack the bale.


Then last night at 3am, I woke up to the rain hammering down while the wind thundered.  I pottered off to the bathroom and suddenly thought “I wonder if the stable door is open?”  It was then I realised it was shut and my poor Minions were having to stand outside.


I could not go back to sleep knowing this.

So being me, in my bedtime t-shirt, I put on my survival suit, a pair of boot liners as socks, a pair of boots, a hat, armed myself with a lantern and went outside.

The door of the stable was shut. I had been right so I wedged it open and went to look for my boys.  I had to walk round the big shed and eventually found them standing with the big boys, using them for shelter.

Tiddles and Storm they followed me to the stable and went in.


Knowing they could escape from the weather if they wanted, I went home, divested myself of my waterproof outer layers, hung them up off the ceiling rafters to dry and went back to bed.

I could not have slept knowing my little boys were out in the rain with no real shelter.

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8 thoughts on “Being Me

  1. Rebecca Final

    I’ve gone out in the middle of the night on a rare snowy night to blanket my babies (mostly my big TB/QH cross cause she doesn’t grow the hair. I understand your concern and agree there would be no sleep coming if we didn’t make the ponies comfy.

  2. Sam

    You being you is why we love this site. And while I do not have horses or ponies, I have been out in the night looking for wayward cats who needed to be inside. You are not alone in this venture. Wet, but not alone.


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