We are a house of many beds. There is no definition between cat or dog bed anymore.

This is The Fortress of Solitude, mostly inhabited by Monster but he has moved out in favour of his lovely comfortable new bed.

A beautiful wicker basket which arrived with all my “stuff” including a bright red sheepskin.

Pepper always wants everything anyone else has but she has had a recent growth spurt and so I don’t actually think she could fit in this bed. This is the face of much covetousness.

Monster loves his new bed. It’s just the right size for him.

Pepper now hates her’s.  I found her sitting on the sofa – she does a very good Resentful Face.

And, still, Monster snores on.

Today Ted favoured the one bed by the Rayburn (a poor man’s Aga). It is always warm and cosy and he was drying off after a rainy dogwalk.  No jumpers and coats for Ted in this house – the theory being he will always come home if he is wet.

I don’t actually think Monster has moved or even been outside for a few days now.  I might give him a prod (from a distance with a long stick) to see if he is still with us!

3 thoughts on “Beds

  1. Sam

    Nothing more better than a cat who found the bed of deep dreams. The fact the red makes him seem a brighter white is an added bonus. Sorry Pepper lost out on this bed.

  2. Linda Kirk

    Look at that little face, poor Pepper. I think the minute Monster vacates his bed, she’ll be in it.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Such a cute post today, Frances. All the beds in the mix …..I must say that new bed for Monster sure does look comfy! And Pepper’s resentful face is downright hilarious.


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