Beautiful Animals

Meanwhile, Wussums has found his spot – under the Christmas tree.

It is still cold but now there is some snow on the hills but nothing very visible around here.

We go outside just to do the chores but we do them as quickly as possible.

Today consisted of stinging hail with occasional snow flurries.  It is not settling, though.

Everyone knows the pack drill.  We have it down to a fine art.

The original Minions are looking very good (read, fat) and I am very pleased.

I hope you will agree that Fivla is beginning to find her slimmer figure in the unforgiving Shetland winter.

The Icelandic horse mares look superb.

I adore this silhoette of Brá. Perhaps not the easiest of horses, Brá and I have an understanding.  Basically, if she wants the carrot, she has to be friendly on my terms.  It is not rocket science, it works for us and that is all that matters.

Hetja is rockin’ her 1970’s hair style à la Farrah Fawcett-Majors only Hetja is much, much prettier.

And then back home to feed the boys and I changed the drinking water in the outside trough.

Puzzah is always offers his help.  Such a gentle ex-ram.  He knows his name and he understands The Rules – no butting, no shoving, no pushing, no argument and if I want to kiss his nosey, he will let me!

He has also made best friends with the lick bucket!

So….. like Father…..

…. like Son (not)!

BeAnne is always on look-out duty.

In this weather, there is some riding – Daisy was feeling energetic and rode her Icelandic horse stallion, Taktur.  I was lazy and didn’t.

Talking of lazy, when we got back into the house, Wu was still under the tree.  I don’t think he has actually moved all day.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Animals

  1. Sam

    Better a snoozing Wu under the tree than an active one climbing the tree. Flavia is looking lovely.
    Hetja is Super Model Ready. Love how Mer Mag keeps an eye on things while the Sheeples practice Winning Smirks.

  2. Terri

    Beautiful animals indeed! The original Minions look so healthy — makes me recall how wretched they were when they first arrived at Thordale. From the proper feed, to the exactly right rug when needed, you did wonders for them!
    I may be nuts, but I think Puzzah has a “sweet” face — obviously a gentleman who quickly learned The Rules. Btw, where is Loki? Is he ok?

  3. Louise Stopford

    As usual, BEAUTIFUL photo’s and I don’t blame Wu sleeping under the Christmas tree … all day. Cats are certainly not daft and know all the best places for long, long snoozes. Puzzah is so handsome and he is very photogenic – how lovely that he has settled into family life with you all. I was wondering about Loki as was Terri above – not seen much of him lately – hope he is OK. Hoping you all stay warm. Btw my cats cannot sleep under the Christmas Tree any more – took all my decorations down yesterday!!! Feels good to get back to normal. Best wishes, Louise.


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