Back Breaking

Lugging water every day over to the Minions is back-breaking (me) and shoulder breaking (OH) so this morning when I found an empty water trough because possibly a certain Waffle had been dancing in it, I made the decision to move everyone…. again.  I hate the fact that they can go for hours without water – this way lies colic.

But, firstly, I took the dogs to walk the perimeter fence of the new field and I cleared yards of electric fencing from tenants way back.

It is a big “hill park”, about 10 acres of mostly rough grazing, with a patch of the nice stuff, which I am sure will swiftly be consumed.

There is also water au natural and Waffle can dance up and down to his heart’s content in there – just as long as he doesn’t swim.

I was on my own and so, to make my life a little easier, I took four ponies at a time, packed like sardines in the van.  It wasn’t very far, I told them and they all loaded and travelled well.  Even Tiddles who can be unhelpful.

Pepper, of course, came too and was a most welcome and helpful companion.  Such a good girl. So proud.

This is the nice grassy bit and the ponies have a herd of Shetland cows as neighbours, which they were slightly interested in.

I am exhausted now. To bed early with hot chocolate I think, purely for its healing properties.

5 thoughts on “Back Breaking

  1. diane in northern wis

    Wow Frances….Good Job! How do you manage to get so much done in the course of a day.
    You are Wonder Woman. You inspire me.


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