Annoying Little Midge

Taktur wanted to sleep.


I had let everyone out of their field to eat the long grass around the house and school.  Taktur had eaten all day and then decided to have a little kip next to us.


He was nodding off gently, while the others were milling about eating and it was lovely to see his trust in us all.


Sadly this trust was hugely abused by one little person who thought it might be more fun to play “annoy the sleeping stallion”.


Bozz-Bozz – I was ashamed.  Poor, poor Taktur did not deserve this from the little squirt.  He eventually gave in and got up.


He was much nicer to Bozz-Bozz than I would’ve been.  Haakon would’ve walloped him. I’ve seen him do it before.


So, Bozz-Bozz, who was not even slightly sorry, wandered off having achieved his goal and tried to pretend to be a traffic post.  This is his idea of camouflage.


Daisy was around and watched poor Taktur and his Nemesis so she kindly took the flak, so to speak.


In there, I am assured there is a Daisy…… probably being eaten!


Taktur dropped to the ground again to resume his kip.


This time, he prepared himself for a quick getaway by lying with his front legs out, ready to get up quick should Bozz-Bozz return.  I have never seen a horse go to sleep like that.


He was a determined sleeper, even managing a few quality minutes but Bozz-Bozz was an even more determined plague on his house.


I left them to it.  There was only so much I could do to protect poor Taktur from such irritations.  I had sacrificed Daisy after all.


A few hours later, once back in their field for the night, I saw them all asleep leaving Taktur to protect them from the potential marauding tigers.


He is such a gentleman.  None of them deserve him.  Too nice for his own good.


Eventually Taktur stopped being so generous with his time, joined the heap and went fast a bye-byes with them.


On Wednesday, we will let Taktur in while we are stripping Bozz-Bozz of his winter foal fur so he can point and laugh.


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