And Rest!

First thing, my wee car went off to the garage with the message “I don’t want to see it again, until it is deemed safe and roadworthy”.  This morning was then spent fighting with BT (changing the account into my mother’s name and trying to clear up the billing mess that is Broadband).  All I can say is for a communications company, BT are ridiculously difficult to talk to!

Little Ted is as always a joy.

Mum’s garden is beginning to think it is Autumn but is still going strong in colour.


This is the Eden rose in its second flowering this year.  No scent but a beautiful shape – flower and buds – and perfect colour.

The huge and marvellous catalpa tree is about to produce its beans and then drop them everywhere along with its leaves.

I have propped my phone on the gate post in case Mr Fox appears (oooh, I hope he does!)


So, let’s see what the garage say.  I am not holding my breath but at least I am safe.  I was very worried.

6 thoughts on “And Rest!

  1. Sam

    Cars can make us frantic and angry at the same time – sympathies.
    And same for dealing with the broadband company – they just are horrible.
    But seeing Teddy and the roses and Mum’s garden makes my day.

  2. Linda

    I’m glad to hear you got to your mum’s safely. That is my heart-attack moment: when I’m far from home and the car starts acting strange.

    Meanwhile: your mum’s garden looks absolutely gorgeous, as usual (please tell her I said so). It is the quintessential English Garden to me. (I am a silly American with Secret Garden, Winnie the Pooh, and Wind in the Willows in my brain)

    And what a little sweetheart Ted looks to be – SO CUTE!

    Hope you enjoy your visit with your mum; your car will be fixed, I have no doubt…

  3. dee savage

    Little Ted is adorable. Too cute for words. And your Mum’s garden is a dream. The perfect English garden. How beautiful and picturesque. Your car– perhaps you should find a foster home for current car and maybe adopt a different one?

  4. diane in northern wis

    So glad to see you’re enjoying yourself at your Mom’s. That little dog is a cutie isn’t he?
    Sure hope you get not too bad news on your car. When does Floss start school? Must be soon.
    Wishing her a great year!

  5. lynn

    Beautiful pictures as always. Little Ted is beyond cute! I sympathize completely with you about your car (and the billing mess too). Car trouble just paralyzes me especially when I’m far from home.


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