And Now For Something Completely Different…

And now for something completely different…

(The gale has not let up so it has barely been light and we haven’t gone outside except to feed everyone and for me to chase Lambie round and round the shed until he went through the gate into a ruddy field with his friends!)

Anyway, I brought back with me in Mum’s things a picture which I hung on Floss’ bedroom wall.  It has always interested me so today I took it down to have a good look and photograph.

Things I discovered in my morning’s research:
Measurements – 24 x 30 cm inside mount
The subject is a Chinese Bearcat (Binturong) – Arctictis binturong or 熊狸

The painting is, I think, pen and ink on fine paper with slight colour on the tree.

There is an inscription on the back of the frame in, I think, my grandmother’s hand:-

“From Professor W. Yetts
Given to Dr D. Embleton 1934”

Dr D Embleton is my great grandfather – Dennis Embleton  (1881-1944) – a doctor at UCH with a clinic at 47 Wimpole St, London.

Professor W. Yetts is Walter Percival Yetts (1878-1957) who was a British surgeon and lecturer in Chinese art and archaeology. So possibly something an expert on Chinese art and I suppose the two were good friends.

I got my translator (Floss) out of her room and asked her to do her best….

The seal is upside down and she couldn’t read it, but she made great headway into the characters.

It is the last half of a poem by the Tang poet – Han Yu (768-824) and it says:-


Rough Translation by Flossie:-

“Before they are fully grown, new grape sprouts are like dead trees. The tall grape frames become loose and crooked, before being lifted again.

If you wish to have a full plate of delicious Maru grapes in Autumn, do not neglect them. You should reinforce the frame with bamboo poles to guide the dragon whiskers (vines).”

(the bit in bold is the part written on the picture)

So that is all fascinating and I have put out feelers as to any more information especially for the artist.

I’ll keep you posted.



5 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different…

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    A compelling and intriguing piece of artwork for certain. I hope you can manage to identify the artist.


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