And How Was Your Day?

A quick dash to Lerwick for a family member’s dentist appointment and then, as we had a little time to spare, we “did the street” afterwards.

I was rather hoping we would see Tommy the Cat but sadly he was not around.

The street was very empty but we popped into various shops trying to buy and support local.  I hate seeing it like this. Very sad.  There used to be such bustle and activity and it was always nice to stop and chat with folk.  I don’t know how it has become like this.

Anyway, I stopped to admire the window displays.  Such effort, hard work and thought goes into them.  This was Jamiesons of Shetland’s side window.

These beautiful gloves called to me…..

…. while the handmade bespoke chocolates from Mirrie Dancers shouted  – C H O C O L A T E!  They always get a Christmas visit from various members of my family.

Finished, we dashed back home, a quick lunch of OH’s homemade bread fresh out of the oven.  It fights back when you try to cut a reasonable slice and tastes delicious.

Onwards to Transition Turriefield for vegetable weighing (me on carrots and beetroot), Veg box packing and a good natter.

So that was my day.  How was your’s?

6 thoughts on “And How Was Your Day?

  1. Sam

    Lovely door in the wall. Musical that I am the Costume Designer for, closed over the weekend. That meant dragging 80lbs of costumes to the dry cleaner and then 2 hours at the laundromat. 1 8lb washer (holds 4 loads) and 3 60lb (hold 3 loads each) followed by 10 dryers and 45 minutes to fold everything.
    Now off to the High School to help my student crew alter their Prom gowns.

    1. Frances Post author

      Would you like me to find out for you? Purely for science! I am very happy to if necessary.

      PS. I think so!

      1. Sam

        Please find out about the shoes! And yes, bloody long day for the costumes. Luckily that happens only twice a year.


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