An Addition

This is, well, this is another Shetland caddie lamb.

I need a name.


For those of you who live near me on the sunny Westside, then you may possibly have seen him in your travels.


Anywho, he lives with us now and I went to collect him this morning.


He reminds me of the sheep in The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery – a classic book.


He is very photographic.  The camera loves him.  His colour is katmoget – Having a light coloured body with dark belly and legs and a moget face. The reverse of Gulmoget –

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BeAnne is not sure whether she loves him just yet.


As a storm is on its way (go away, please), I brought Lambie and Lambert in early.  They look huge beside him.  Ginormous.  Like fat western kids.


I am hoping that my little herd will all bond soon.  The newbie does not have to be tame, just follow the others when required.  Obviously, when and if it ever stops raining, I will spend some time trying to get to know him.


So please think of a suitable name that will complement Lambie and Lambert (perhaps with an L theme).


28 thoughts on “An Addition

  1. Celeste

    He looks like a Louis to me. So very cute, I love his markings. Look forward to more pictures of your whole flock.

  2. The Green Dogs

    Oooh, I love naming sheep – especially one this cute! I like Celeste’s suggestion of Louis, but I may as well make suggestions. Let’s see… Larry? Laddie? Whatever you choose, he is adorable! 🙂

  3. Michelle

    What a lovely little face! You know, if this trend keeps up, your land may be covered with sheep one day. 😉 Since I started following your blog it’s gone from mostly Shetland ponies to mostly Icelandic horses, so a shift to mostly Shetland sheep doesn’t seem farfetched. As for a name, except for those horns he looks like a Lorelei to me. Maybe Lorelamb?

  4. Cate

    Am I the only one who sees fangs in his cute wee comma-shaped nosey markings–esp in pic 3?? Lambpire all the way. 😀

  5. Cassie

    Gosh, what a cutie! I’ve never seen any creature with such interesting face coloring, he’s almost plaid. Lad or Laddie?

  6. Terri

    How about Lancelot? or Lucky? (which he certainly is!)
    I like Louis too (and it also refers to “Sun King” so maybe you’d get some).
    Or…you could (re)name them Matthew, Mark, and Luke. (At this rate, I’m pretty sure you’ll be adding another some day, who could be John.)
    If you want to go Nordic, then perhaps Lars or Leif.
    In any case, have fun with this darling new addition to your menagerie!

  7. Linda

    Oh, what an absolute cutie-pie! I don’t have any name suggestions, but I just know you’ll come up with a good one. 🙂


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