Almost Brighton Beach

After a very successful morning riding (Flossie happily cantering Iacs round and round the school and me teaching Haakon the new-to-him discipline of calming down and standing nicely), we took the dogs to the beach for some fresh air and a nice walk.


We noted the usual awful erosion of the sand dunes.  The sea is busy eating eat its way into the fencing and fields beyond.

BN2A0282   BN2A0312

BeAnne enjoyed her usual swim.


Loki did his very best not to get his feet wet.


We came upon the artist, Howard Towll, who was painting the scenery and wildlife.  His idea of wildlife was sadly not BeAnne and Loki who behaved appallingly and tramped everywhere.  This poor man.  I was mortified when BeAnne was found standing on his laid out sketchbook.  It now has added pawprints.


We apologised profusely and ran away feeling very ashamed of Loki and BeAnne.  Such behaviour – they do know better, honest.


The seaside was teaming with birds.


There was more art to be found, probably left over from a previous sunny day.


Mr and Mrs Bonxie (The Great Skuas) were gliding and hovering menacingly above us.  They can mean serious business and will take lambs, puffins, anything they can steal.  They are not called the “aggressive pirate of the seas” for nothing.

BN2A0409 BN2A0412

It was a lovely walk, full of contrasts (as well as grovelling apoligies to the artist).


We were enjoying ourselves very much, when suddenly a swarm of folk arrived (ok 2) and we decided it was just too full for us, too much like Brighton Beach.


Do you think we’ve become spoilt?




4 thoughts on “Almost Brighton Beach

  1. John Davies

    I was recently looking at video/pics a friend sent me of Venice Beach in California and it didn’t
    look near as inviting as your beach!


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