All Looking Good

These three get a daily bucket of TurmerAid.

Haakon = my old man with arthritis and bad digestion.
Klaengur = my middle aged man who spooks at grass that looks at him in the wrong way. TurmerAid calms the brain
Iacs = Daisy’s old man who needs help with his digestion.

Why they all had to stand in the only mud on the croft to eat their breakfast beats me but there you go, that’s what they wanted to do.

And they all look good too.

I am pleased.

And a bit more than relieved.

These days Haakon struggles to keep the weight on which makes me worry all the more.  It has taken ages to get him back to the right shape after his contratemps with Taktur.

But I think he looks fine now and he seems happy to see me – probably because of the carrots he knows I have. I am duly frisked.

He enjoys his retirement.

As does Iacs.

Yes, always more frisking!



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