Aberdeen to Tebay

A calm sailing, so lots of sleep. I didn’t even wake up when the boat stopped at Orkney (around 11p.m.).  So that was me nicely set up for the long drive south to our hotel in Cumbria – roughly the half-way mark.

We renamed the Sat-Nav to Twat-Nav as it at first determinedly tried to make us pull a U-ie on an Aberdeen dual carriageway and return us to Shetland!  After some drastic reprogramming (with a large axe), it luckily saw sense and directed us south, as originally instructed.  In revenge, it duly fell off the windscreen at a vital moment while negotiating Glasgow so Floss had to tenderly hold the bloody thing and tell me what it was saying.

We only got hooted at twice (I have no idea why).  We sat in a traffic jam for a while until we got bored while discovering it was going nowhere we wanted to go!

There was some mighty rain, for a while, and my granny-like driving in my granny-like car coped.

We had one stop at the Temple of Tesco, Dundee.  So many things to buy but so little anyone actually wants, or needs!

And this is the view from our bedroom window.  Trees!  I do miss them.

A good supper, bed and then onwards!

3 thoughts on “Aberdeen to Tebay

  1. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for letting us ride along with you on your journey. I love the pictures and your commentary! Can’t wait to see where you go tomorrow. Hope all is well at home!


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