A Tired Day

Today I am very tired.

I was up early having not slept most of the night.  Then in to see Mum for the morning and then back home.

After lunch, I drove over to the outskirts of Reading to a Chinese supermarket.

Floss and I visited here a few weeks’ back to have a mosey around.  We both love places like this and quickly discovered their dumpling and wonton section.  I have refilled the freezer and guess what’s for supper tonight!

I didn’t quite dare buy these, though. Actually now I wish I had been braver!

Apparently, everything is going along smoothly (or “controlled chaos” as OH described it) at home.  The weather is vile but Floss is nipping in and out putting rugs on and off Taktur and Haakon. I get regular updates and I am very grateful to everyone for all their efforts.

So gaozi, bath and bed for me.  I need some proper sleep.

7 thoughts on “A Tired Day

  1. Sam

    Pepper has clearly claimed ALL of Monster as hers! Sometimes a yummy Chinese dinner is needed.
    Keeping you and the family in my thoughts. More purrs from Little Miss Maine Coon cat.

  2. Sumiko Keay

    Dumplings: yum.

    My mother would sometimes make gyoza at home- the best I’ve ever had, but labor intensive so kind of a nice thing to make with others. Plus, once you’ve put them together you can freeze them in batches for future deliciousness.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Love seeing Monster hugging Pepper! Can’t be easy at home without your guiding hand. I hope Daisy is okay – She must be pleased to have Floss’s help with the ponies. Wishing the Shetland family a period of better weather. Hope you enjoy your meal and have a better night’s sleep.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Love the tree picture at the beginning today and I’m crazy about that last picture too. Amazing.
    Please do get some good rest, Frances. What you’re doing is definitely not easy, nor fun.
    Glad all is well back home.


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