A God-awful Day

I cannot tell you how awful today has been – but I will try.

It started with me going out with the brekkie buckets only to meet a very depressed non-eating and disinterested Vitamin.

My heart sank into my boots. Here we go again, I thought.

I gave her 10ml of Inflacam (painkiller and anti-inflammatory) and then waited.  The rainbow was pretty but unhelpful.  No pot of gold here.

At this stage I was selling my soul to passing Gods or anyone else interested and I went into the field to take Vitamin and Fivla out so they could live around the house (just outside, though).  It would be easier to keep an eye on Vitamin.  Less mud.

Then I spent the majority of my day on the phone to the vet surgery trying to catch the vet.  I felt so sorry for the lady answering the phone – she must hate me by now.  Anyway, I drove over later and got to talk to the vet while getting some intra-muscular painkillers.

When I got back, later in the afternoon, I found Vitamin cheerfully picking at the grass so I quickly got a bucket of food and shoved it under her nose AND SHE ATE!

Fivla now thinks every day is her birthday as she is happily finishing up all uneaten food buckets. She didn’t get this one, though.

But a bucket is a bucket and I don’t care.  Drugs given, another bucket (I strike while the iron is hot) and I will look at the weather forecast and decide whether to put them in for the night or not later on.  I am currently thinking rugs on, and leave them where they are but the weather is deterioriating tonight.  What to do?

9 thoughts on “A God-awful Day

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    I’m so sorry that poor little vitamin is still not quite well. I would be tempted to keep her indoors if there’s a storm coming. Wishing all of you up there well.

  2. Sam

    Sigh, if only we had a Universal Translator for our critters. But critters who can be prey and predator will hide illness from even the best vet or human. Listen to your tiny inner voice, if it says “inside” do it. If it says “rug” do it. Both can be undone is necessary. Little Miss Maine Coon sends purrs to Vitamin and you. Hugs from me.

  3. Julia Mjehovich

    Oh dear – I’d say bring them indoors (unless they have a hatred!) if only for your peace of mind

    You’re a tough lady Frances – and (in case no one’s told you lately) you’re doing an incredible job. Having older animals is never easy nor is it very fun. But you’re doing your best for them and they know it. Hang in there. Sending you good vibes from across the pond xo

  4. Judith

    It’s difficult but, as others say, you have to follow your instincts.

    By the way, Pepper seems to have lost her bucket.

  5. Judy

    I think that you need to pay more attention to those gorgeous rainbows. Just kidding because your day is one that all pet owners can really identify with, especially, when we have dealt with older animals. Everything stops & life is suspended as we race to the vets to save our four footed children. Then we race back home & ,voila! They have done a 180 & look at us questioningly as if to say, ‘Hey, where were you?’ The before & after needs to be filmed as first, we deal with abject terror & then, with profound, amazing relief as we just want to collapse & help our blood pressures return to even halfway normal. And every time something like this happens, I tell myself that I must remember that it’s not always a catastrophe that I see; sometimes, it’s just a bump on life’s road & I need to look at the freaking gorgeous rainbow or a beautiful blue sky or a little flower. Your love for the gang is inspiring. ;-}


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