A Funny Old Day

It’s been a funny old day.  Everyone knows the snow storm is coming.  I can tell that.

This morning’s sunrise was definitely an omen.

I was off to a meeting this morning, and on my way out of the door (twice – I forgot the sossage rolls I had promised), I scrambled over the fence and gave the old Icelandics a big carrot each just to check they were ok.

There was some feisty weather during the meeting but it was brief.  Things to come, I bet.

Afterwards I went into my shed to make a sheep.

Obviously the family came too and everyone had a dog treat.   Even Monster.

So we’ve battened down the hatches and will see what the next 72 hours brings.  It is not looking nice and you know about my obssession with the weather forecast (I have every app on my phone to see if someone is forecasting sun – ever the optimist).

This is the world’s worst film (I had my head torch on) when I asked the old Icelandic horses if they wanted to hunker down in the other field……   There was enthusiastic trotting which was nice to see.  I hope they stay safe and well through all of this.

6 thoughts on “A Funny Old Day

  1. Alexa Berenbak

    My 3 little dogs & big labrador are all curled up on couch knowing cold, possible snow headed our way too. Silly cats though went out to check back yard. Getting bagged “special” hay today or my donkey (and his friend) in a little while. Sam is a senior and has barn shelter, but I will blanket him to be sure. We do as you and take care of our babies. Have said before – LOVE your pictures. Keep warm!

  2. Beth

    Every time I see Kolka I think “ Przewalski”. She is such a beautiful girl and I am so glad she will live out her years with the boys, it always breaks my heart to see a horse on their own.

    Stay safe, I hope whatever weather is coming your way does not cause too many problems.

  3. Sherry Walter

    Stay safe, spent most of the day cleaning up from a 15 inch snow. Every joint in my body is well aware of that fact.

  4. diane in northern wis

    You’re such a good soul, Frances! I love your video…..love your new little sheep…..love your crazy pet buddies! Stay safe and warm.


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