A Foxtrot and Home

Now this is amazing. I have never seen two foxes (from this year’s litter, I think) “fox-trot”.  It is fascinating to watch them bicker – I turned the sound up for that bit – and then settle down and eat next to each other like nothing has happened.

This was the last film I took at Mum’s the night before we left to come home.

Floss and I eventually got home off the ferry this morning and yes, all my flowers are out, like I thought they would be.

They look beautiful.  I am so pleased.  My earlier efforts have been worthwhile.

I think OH watered them, which was kind.

In other fields, Harry, or as Daisy calls him “Barrelson Ford”, is doing very well. He was thrilled when our car came down the track and bounced all over the place in happiness!

Later on, I sat in the field with him and was duly ignored by everyone else.

Harrel still likes to sit on my knee although he is bigger, and he has beautiful eyelashes.

Of course there were also lots of lovely Minions around to kiss hello.

Daisy has managed the animals beautifully.

No one suffered in our abscence, despite their lies!

The wild flowers are out too.  I am so happy to be home.



3 thoughts on “A Foxtrot and Home

  1. diane in northern wis

    Such gorgeous pictures today! So glad you and Floss arrived home safely! Your animals all look adorable and your flowers are truly beautiful! Welcome home to you both. So glad you’re back. Glad Harry remembers you so well!!! 🙂


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