A Day of Rain

Today, as it was non-stop rain, I spent in the house doing “stuff”.

I tried resting – I want to get rid of my cold which is refusing to budge – but ended up discovering a steam cleaner I didn’t know about, blasting the kitchen, tripping over its electric cord, breaking my new-to-me equipment (twice).  I gave up my cleaning endeavours and baked a cake.

The cake is for Flossie, my youngest daughter, to celebrate passing her finals – she will graduate at the end of September.

Meanwhile, the horses and ponies have been entertaining themselves in the rain.  I think that is Albie and Efstur having a very good game together.  I love the way Efstur just sits on Albie at the end!

I can vaguely see them in the never-ending drizzle.

But rain is good – the grass is really growing now and we are now at the stage where I have to be careful where I put the animals.  It really is a juggling act all year round.  Too fat, too thin, nursing a foal, running up and down the fence shouting at the ladies, in training, not in training…… all reasons for grass or no grass.

Meanwhile, during my abscence my vegetables have done about as badly as they can.  The rocket has gone to seed having had no leaves, the peas are dying and the only things making an effort, that I can see, are the carrots, beetroot and lettuce.

I am learning.

Still, lots to do and when the rain stops, I might even ride a horse!

1 thought on “A Day of Rain

  1. Terri

    First, congratulations to Flossie, yay! (great cake) So sorry you’re under the weather (literally) — feel better soon. Loved the video of Efstur and Albie playing! The mistiness of today’s photos is very pretty, don’t you think? A good day to stay inside….


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