A Couple of Days

This morning’s breakfast photos.

The ponies seem to be making in-roads into the field – I know this when I had to climb up to the top of the hill to retrieve Pepper who had gone off hunting while I was waiting for everyone to finish up their bowls and buckets

Vitamin now approaches me at a stonking trot, shouting for her bucket NOW!  Based on this, I diagnose that she does not have laminitis anymore and is feeling a whole lot better now.

Everyone, these days, is arguing about food.

I roasted some old lamb flanks that were no longer for human consumption for the birds and the starling fell on them.

And then, of course, a fight broke out.

On my way to see the Waxwings yesterday, I stopped to take a few photos of the mist that was sporadically lying low on the ground.

And then of course, when the sun is starting to set, it is always beautiful and you can see just how close my nearest neighbour is.

They are kind neighbours who look after Pepper, often returning her too, when she goes a-visiting.

So that’s us, really. The weather has deteriorated, two ducks are missing (I am praying they’ve put themselves to bed somewhere safe and will appear tomorrow morning for breakfast) and it is raining hard.

4 thoughts on “A Couple of Days

  1. Judith

    Autumn is beginning to set in but every season has its joys. Nice to see Ted with Pepper. I did wonder if he was well a while back when he didn’t seem to be around but he seems very chipper now. Hope your ducks are OK.


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