We Went for a Ride

Taktur started his competition training again a few weeks’ ago.  It is not all going round in endless circles in the indoor school.  We like to go outside too.  It broadens the mind.


Taktur’s training will be a long slow process and one that Daisy, his owner and rider, takes very seriously.  Bjørn Roar Larsen (FEIF Instructor/Trainer Level 3) did the foundation work and now it is time for Daisy to take over if she wants to establish a good working relationship with Taktur. Bjørn is their trainer.


Nothing will be rushed and Taktur’s mental and physical health are Daisy’s priority – as well as his Big Hair!


And his Big Tail.


I love this photo – Daisy’s silly grin says it all.


She adores Taktur.


They make a great team.


He is the black stallion she has always wanted (sadly, Indy was just that bit too small).


I was riding Haakon, as always a bit behind – we are not as fast as we used to be, when we spied Daisy and Taktur sharing special moment together …..

Daisy:  One day, all this will be yours
Taktur:  What?  the curtains!

with apologies to Monty Python


Another soppy minute together.


As always, training is not about looking beautiful, it is about working the muscles that make the beauty.  So “long and low” is hugely encouraged.


This has to be my most favourite view.  Haakon’s happy little black-tipped ears pointing towards the world in front of us.


Haakon has always taken an interest in his surroundings.  He rarely spooks because he is continuously looking around evaluating the situation.


And yes, we do come across cars, occasionally and yes, everyone is fine, even tractors and quads.


We ❤ our horses.

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