University of Oxford Degree Ceremony

We arrived nice and early to stand outside The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

Built from 1664 to 1669 after a design by Christopher Wren for the University of Oxford.

It was raining and of course, being from Shetland, we didn’t have umbrellas because we are tough and hard, as well as forgetting!

There were a few different queues around the building.

And we all happily stood in the rain admiring the architecture.

Once inside, we found a place to sit….

And wait….

And look around to admire the scenery…..

Which was pretty goddamn spectacular.  The ceiling was painted by Robert Streater (Charles II’s court painter.  It represents “Truth descending on the Arts and Sciences to expel Ignorance from the University”.

Like you do.

The graduands then arrived and sat in their allocated seats (Floss was looking around for us).

The ceremony started with the entrance of the Vice-Chancellor, preceded by the Bedels and followed by the Proctors.

I know this because I have read the programme.

The whole ceremony is in Latin apart from the Vice-Chancellor’s first welcome speech.

I loved the Proctors’ chairs which made them look like small children as they could rest their feet on the cross-pieces.

Everyone waited until their name was called by the Junior Proctor.

Then they clambered in a dignified fashion out of their seats.

The candidates are then presented by their Dean of Degrees for their college.  The Junior Proctor recited an Oath in which they replied “Do fidem” (I swear) and they were admitted to the degree by the Vice-Chancellor.

They left the theatre.

The Bedels walk, one at a time, to the front door and admit each group of graduates who are now wearing their full academic dress.

Different colours and types according to their degree.

Floss was wearing white – a BA graduate.

They returned to the room and bowed to the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors.

And then left (to stand outside in the rain, which had just about stopped by now).

So, there we are.  One very happy, and relieved, BA (Oxon) Oriential Studies graduate.

I am loving the robes!

20 thoughts on “University of Oxford Degree Ceremony

  1. Nicki

    Fabulous !! Huge congratulations on Floss’s graduation, no doubt a very proud mommy moment. Photo’s are beautiful.

  2. Maddi

    Congrats Floss! Looking lovely in the robes. Nice to see the pictures of Oxford too as I grew up in a small town 15 miles away, so it’s home 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    Congratulations to you all! A degree is usually a combined effort, with lots of support from the family along the way. We wish her a bright and wonderful future.

  4. John Davies

    Congratulations to the bright and beautiful graduate; enjoyed seeing the pictures of somewhere I’ve never been!

  5. Liz Reid

    Well done Flossie! Brings back memories of 6 years ago when my girl went up for her graduation in Perth, Australia. (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education). Has to be one of the best proud mummy moments we can have.

  6. Nancy

    What a beautiful place to hold the ceremony!!
    I hope you and Flossie are enjoying the moment!!

  7. Highmac

    Many congratulations to Floss and to you and the family (as somebody implied earlier, she couldn’t have done it without the family’s support).

  8. Judith Clark

    Congratulations Floss! We are looking forward to our son, Sam, graduating from Oxford in 2020 – hopefully having completed a MChem degree. Just started the second of four years so we’ve got a while to wait.
    I hope Floss enjoys post grad life- or she doing a Masters now?

  9. Darby

    another thought. as graduates of Oxford, these young people are the future leaders of our planet. it is good to know that in addition to intelligence at least one of them possesses such a high degree of kindness and compassion.

  10. Terri

    Just splendid! Congratulations Flossie! And thanks, Frances, for sharing this special family day. Your daughters are sterling young women. You must be very proud.


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