Thinking Straight

I am still walking, every day, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult.  My left leg is made of solid stone now. It is very inconvenient and I can’t live my normal life.

Sometimes while I walk I take rests and use the time to take silly photos of the rain drops on the spiders’ webs or the sheep wool lying around.

Today these three followed along while BeAnne stayed at home. I was very pleased to see them.  They make great walking companions.

Daisy and Flossie ride their horses regularly but I don’t (for the time being).

I am trying to keep going and today Daisy drove me over to Transition Turriefield to do my weekly packing and labelling work.

I enjoy going.  It is fun work.

But today I found it exhausting.

It was not especially difficult or busy – but just took more out of me than usual.

But we got the work done so that is all that matters.

I think I need to go to bed now.  I can’t think straight.  I seem to have run out of steam.

Tomorrow is another day.  Maybe I will feel better.

24 thoughts on “Thinking Straight

  1. Jan Knight

    Frances , try and pace yourself with your daily routine. With pain like you are experiencing it takes all your energy to do things at the moment.
    Hopefully the next hospital visit will be a good one.
    Lovely photos though, thanks for sharing

  2. Sam

    Chronic pain can just suck. Back pain also sucks. Keeping my fingers crossed the doctors can find the root cause and treatment. Keep walking, you have lovely friends to amble with you. Maine Coon cats send more purrs.

  3. Cathleen

    I’m sorry to hear of you having such a rough time, and I really admire your stoicism and determination to keep going. I hope they can relieve your pain and get you mobile again, as soon as possible.

  4. Sandra coffman

    Hoping you get to feeling better.
    As I am always sayin “ I keep on trucking along, just wish some one would fill in the pot holes in that road” praying someone would fill those pot holes for you.

  5. Marlane

    My husband ( then in his 60’s) had severe back problems for quite some time. He tried all the usual acupuncture, massage, cortisone shots. rest and pain killers. The problem was beyond help as it was because something was pressing on a nerve. He finally got an MRI and then surgery. It was very minimal ” key hole” surgery and he was in and out in a day. Since then, and it has been several years, he has been completely pain free and it has been miraculous. He rides, walks, drives his race car and he is in his seventies. We are in the USA and thankfully “medicare” ( free health coverage for those over 65 ) and supplemental insurance covered the cost.

  6. diane in northern wis

    Praying for you to get well, Frances. Your pain and exhaustion sounds awful. Can’t the doctor help you at all? When do you see him/her next? I’m so sorry for your pain!

  7. Terri

    Ohhh, so sorry — sounds bad. Pain can take over one’s life. As I recall, you’ve had failed back surgery in the past — would additional help? Or a different back specialist/surgeon or medical center? Hoping, wishing, praying, and sending healing vibes!

  8. Louise Stopford

    Oh dear – poor you, you’re really struggling at the moment. Do hope things improve for you. Perhaps you should keep going back to the doctors until they can help you some more. Those vegetables look so appetising – what happens to them when you have packed them up – where do they go?

  9. Linda

    At this point, I’d just be repeating what everyone is saying; may I suggest the obvious? Perhaps a walking stick? (The tall, wooden kind).

    Sending healing prayers…


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