The Daily Check

It was a beautiful day yesterday.  The sun shining, barely much wind and now we have the beautiful Autumn colours.  Shetland in Autumn is, I think, my favourite time of year.

So I volunteered to check on the herd that live a few miles away – Four Minions plus the girls.

Everyone wanted to talk which makes the drive very worthwhile.

Silver was very kissey.

Fivla wanted a tickle.

Storm was happy pulling his idiot face.

Tiddles was happy stuffing his face.

As was Waffle.

Vitamin was in a regal frame of mind.

I adore her whiskers.

And Lyra laughed at me!

Delia is looking good.  Spot on, for this time of year.  The others are all very large and wide!  Grass bellies.

As the weather starts to deteriorate, they will all need all the heating and insulation their bodies can give them so I am not worried.

Up here, fat is good.  Fat works hard.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Check

  1. Louise Stopford

    Glad everyone is in fine fettle. I always get confused whereabouts everyone is – didn’t realise the Minions were 4 miles away.


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