Shetland Spring Dog Walk

Mostly Daisy or OH walk the dog – Loki.  BeAnne refuses to go with either of them.

Today, OH was working off-shore and Daisy had hurt her knee (excuses, excuses), so I took on the mantle of The Dog Walk and BeAnne accompanied because today it was me.

Obviously, I took a camera.

The oil is rising in the soil – time to cut peats if you have your own peat bank in the scattald (open hill).  Hard work at the best of times.

Today, I took the dogs round Lyradale – 50 acres of hill and in-bye pasture.

It is lambing time so dogs have no place anywhere, even well trained dogs.

I love Lyradale.  This is the most perfect place ever.

Everywhere, the grass is trying to grow.

Currently, apart from the Shetland ponies and Icelandic horses who live there, Lyradale is home to three caddy (bottle raised) sheep belonging to my neighbours.  One is called Colin, which I think is possibly one of the best names ever for a sheep!

Loki and BeAnne were very happy on their walk.

BeAnne even took herself off for a little swim.

She adores swimming.

Loki is not so keen.  In fact, now I think about it, I have never seen him swim.

Dip his toes, yes, but swim – no.  You can only ask so much.

The statutory roll in god-knows-what, possibly otter vomit or worse.  Whatever it is, it will linger like nothing else.

It was a good walk and lovely to see plants starting to grow.

Happy days.

6 thoughts on “Shetland Spring Dog Walk

  1. Nancy

    I love that spring is finally coming around!
    Around here, we are finally starting to see some green and flowers blooming! Yay!
    I hope your spring comes soon as well!

  2. Vicki

    It seems like BeAnne is showing up Loki in swimming prowess. He’s built for speed, not so much for flotation. The Lyradale wall looks like molars emerging from the land.

  3. Melch

    As somebody who has no peat bogs, where does the oil in the soil come from? Why does it signal that it’s time to cut the peat?

    1. Frances Post author

      No idea. Oil just appear and tradition has it that it is the time to start cutting the peats!


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