Shetland Fleeces For Sale

Earlier this year, you may remember that the Boyzenberries were expertly sheared.

We carefully rolled up their fleeces and stored them each separately in a bag with the top open, so they didn’t sweat and turn nasty.

🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏

First up, we have ‘Ster – who is a two year old pure Shetland sheep, with a katmoget Grade 1 fleece – the best you can have, so I am told.

(Handsome Sheep on the right)

Katmoget – having a light colored body with dark belly and legs, and moget facial markings (Shetland sheep markings).

‘Ster’s fleece has a natural curl and is considered very good and of the best quality.


Ster’s fleece weighs 3kg.

🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏

Then we have Lambie.

What can I say?  He has an honest face with a Winning Smile but perhaps a not-so-good fleece.

Grade 4, to be perfectly honest.  Apparently he is “double coated”.  If someone is happy to separate it, the undercoat is fine to spin – or it could be spun together to make a rug!  (from my expert spinner)

His fleece weighs 1.5 kg.

Lambie is a two year old pure Shetland sheep with a flecket or yuglet fleece.


The underneath is pretty.

So, to recap….

‘Ster – Grade 1, katmoget fleece = 3kg
Lambie – Grade 4, flecket fleece = 1.5kg

‘Bert’s fleece has already gone to be turned into something beautiful

Make me an offer. My email is – all contributions will go to The Minion Fund.  I am happy to send a fleece anywhere in the world, if you are happy to pay the postage.

The closing date for offers on these two fleeces is a week today – 14th September.



4 thoughts on “Shetland Fleeces For Sale

  1. Sheena Priestland

    Hi I am a friend of Karen Ashley and I would love to have a fleece she did say you were saving one for me but if I can have one please

  2. Rebeccca A Final

    Frances – I know you dearly love Lambie but I have to say that I think ‘Ster is your most handsome fellow. He just is beautiful to me.


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