PBSA Youngstock Show 2016

Today was the annual Pony Breeders of Shetland Youngstock Show.   It is held at the Lerwick Marts.

I have never been before but I thought I should go and help (read get in the way) Bergli Stud.


The little ponies were wearing hay.  Probably not a good look for the show ring. We had to pick it all out before they went in.


Everyone was involved.


I was trying to work out how the camera flash worked – I failed dismally and gave up.  I may even have to RTFM.

This is the judge. I could be wrong, but I think he came from Scotland.


Presentations were made before the show.


How we all laughed.


And then on with the serious bit.

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There were big classes.


Everyone  worked hard.

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The statutory raffle (I think it is actual part of the Shetland Constitution).


The Loot everyone wanted.


Some folk kept their ponies in their horseboxes (the weather forecast was vile).


There was also ample pony parking outside.


Here are a few moments that grabbed me at the time  …..

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It was a good day, if tiring, and my I couldn’t feel my feet for most of the day, but it was certainly worth it.

My favourite pony, Dimma from Bergli, was Reserve Overall Champion.

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I have always loved her and known she is very special


I am now officially dead and my feet are returning ownership to me.  Bloody cold.



4 thoughts on “PBSA Youngstock Show 2016

  1. Roberta Earley

    Fantastic Frances, lovely ponies…out here red is second….Congratulations to all, for ponies that are natural..


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