Lyra is Happy

Lyra’s best friend is finally home.

Daisy has finished at St Snotter’s University and came home on the boat arriving this morning.

After saying hello to her Bimble (aka Iacs) who was loafing in his field by the house, we drove to Sandness to see Lyra who was thrilled to see her.  Lyra tolerates other people but she loves Daisy.  She always has.


I don’t know what it is or why it is but that is the way it has always been.


Lyra and Daisy are the best of friends and this uncomplicated relationship is based entirely on trust in each other.


Ever since she was a foal, Lyra has always chosen Daisy and vice versa.

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Meanwhile, Lyra’s mother, Vitamin looked on, happy that her daughter has someone who loves her as much as she does.


Vitamin is a wise old mare.  She has always known what is best for her little girl.

3 thoughts on “Lyra is Happy

  1. Sam

    Some animal/human relationships just are. Lovely to see these 2 together.
    Our 1st Maine Coon cat, Dudley, came home for a trial visit. But as I was holding him, my sister came in.
    BAM – they both fell in love with each other and that was the end of that.


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