Lambie is Helpful

Bjørn came round yesterday evening to shoe Kappi, in preparation for the British Championships in two weeks’ time.  Daisy and Kappi are training hard.

As it was in the evening, Wiggins (a Shetland chicken) was furious.  Bjørn was using her bedroom as a work surface.  Usually Wiggins is tucked up, fast asleep but this night she had been evicted so spent her time being resentful.  There is nothing like a resentful hen!

As per usual, Lambie was in evidence, “helping”.  From the photos, Daisy sent, I would say Lambie was busy being a dog and seeing what Amina, Bjørn’s wonderful German Shepherd, was doing.

Firstly, Lambie “helped” by attempting to chew Taktur’s forelock – thank you, Lambie.  And then, according to Daisy, he pee’ed in the one place Bjørn wanted to work.  Thank you, again, Lambie.  I think, at this stage, he was evicted for being a P.I.T.A (pain in the arse).

I love this little film Daisy sent me.

Now this is Lambie’s favourite pastime – secretly eating Rich Tea biscuits when no one is watching.  He adores them but has to be rationed.  Actually, they all have to be rationed (3 biscuits a day) as everyone would happily live outside the front door begging!

Note:  Lambie can eat them whole when he is in a greedy mood.  Sometimes he takes little bites out of them like Miss Marple!

You’ve gotta love Lambie!  No, seriously, you’ve go to.  It is probably The Law.

4 thoughts on “Lambie is Helpful

  1. Terri

    I do love Lambie! Is it just me, or does anyone else think he looks a little bit like a mini Holstein cow? (when sheared) In any case, adorbs! He certainly knows how to make fast work of those biscuits!


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