Been to see the boys

A friend asked after Hammy and the boys (that is Andy, Charlie and Indy PingPong too) so I popped over today with my camera to see them.


We had a very rough night, last night, (howling wind and rain) and I could see they were resting using an old stone wall for shelter.  Nevertheless, it is warm outside and they appeared in good spirits.  I didn’t want to disturb the ponies if they were tired so just took a few photos and left them to their zizz.



Hammy is doing particularly well this winter. He has not worn a rug once and is now a seasoned acclimatised token “Shetland” pony.


Indy wasn’t interested in saying hello at all.


And Charlie did his mad face.


Tomorrow we are going to tweak this electric fence, attach it to a battery and move the boys into this huge nearby field.  Hopefully that will do them for the rest of the winter.  There is shelter and a stream runs through the middle.


I hope they don’t explode with all that grass.  I think Hammy is ready to burst anyway and the others are not far behind.


We have to electrify this fence as in the opposite field are some equine neighbours.  They don’t belong to us.


I think the boys will be too busy stuffing their faces to notice or want to meet them but better to have everyone where they should be.


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