Sheep wool – No 4 – Lambster

This is Lambster, or ‘Ster, as he is known – Lambie’s best friend.  He is a stunning katmoget or ‘badger-faced’.   This means he has a light coloured body with dark belly and legs and a moget face.

Like Lambie, ‘Ster is a yearling hog pure Shetland sheep (on left).  His fleece was sheared with electric shears by a professional.


As I had a few requests for ‘Ster’s fleece, I decided to divide it equally into four bags of approximately 400g.


Each bags weighs about the same and is, hopefully, a mixture of the many colours that make up ‘Ster’s wool.

L1220376 L1220377 L1220378 L1220379

If you are interested in purchasing this fleece, let me know – with the heading Sheep Wool – No 4 – Lambster.  So I know which fleece you are interested in.


I am happy to post anywhere around the world if you are happy to pay the postage. BeAnne is not included.  She is just decoration!