Sheep wool – No 2 – Moorit


This is the 2nd moorit fleece from the two moorit yearling ewes (young girl sheep) who are Lambie’s half sisters.


They were hand sheared, shorn, whatever the term, early as they will be going to an Agricultural Show.  This is their first fleece.


This is second of the moorit sisters’ fleeces.  It weighs approximately 600g

L1220293     L1220291  L1220294 L1220304 L1220305

If you are interested in purchasing this fleece, let me know – with the heading Sheep Wool – No 2 – Moorit.  So I know which fleece you are interested in.


I am happy to post anywhere around the world if you are happy to pay the postage. BeAnne is not included.  She is just decoration!