You Had One Job, Lambie

Edna was shouting for the hill ram by our boundary fence.  The hill sheep come and go past our croft and we have an electric fence at just the right height to stop any spring lambs potentially appearing.  But, to be on the safe side, I put my sheep in the small paddock behind the house, away from temptation.

Everyone happily went in, with the promise of biccies galore, except for Lambie who decided he was different and no rules applied to him.  The minute you want him to do something with everyone else, he gets suspicious, then stubborn with a hint of hysterical, and then sometimes resentful because he is on his own!

Lambie of course proceeded to make things worse by boasting about his successful freedom due to his bloody-mindedness.

You did, Lambie, you know it!

He was so pleased with himself.  I was less so.

But everyone else had lots of biccies (I pay my debts) because they are good sheep who do as they are asked…. sometimes.

You had one job, Lambie. One job!  Yes, of course he got his biccies too.  How can I refuse that Winning Smile?

5 thoughts on “You Had One Job, Lambie

  1. Sam

    Ah- this brings back memories of our bottle feed kitten who thought he was human like us.
    Clearly Lambie knows he is Special and not just one of the flock. I mean – look at that smile!

  2. darby callahan

    Thank you for today’s smile. I certainly would find it hard to refuse Lambie anything with that smiling face.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Lambie didn’t do his job….that’s true….but how can you resist that face? So cute, even if naughty. Poor Edna…..oh well….stick to your guns!


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