Winter’s Back

Gosh, it is cold out there.  I mean seriously cold and I am totally to blame.

The reason?  I put away my winter jerseys and with that the North wind swiftly arrived bring freezing weather.  My excuse is that I had been lulled into a false sense of security with a couple of weeks of temperatures rising, the mud finally drying up and the grass starting to grow.

I admit it. I was stupid.  I should’ve known better.

(my view from my shed this morning)

And what fell out of the sky at frequent intervals.  It was miserable out there.

Proper hail.  Large lumps and it ruddy well stings.

The struggle is real.

Yesterday, we were given a fishbox full of pasta la besta carrots by Turriefield so we put them in buckets to fairly distribute amongst the needy and starving.

We also put rugs back on Haakon, Efstur and Taktur.  I have asked for another bale of silage to be delivered too to see the horses through this cold spell.

Meanwhile the carrots will have to fill them up.

Floss and I dished out some to the Minions.

They were also enthusiastically received.

And this is the view now from my window (17:00).  Yes, the sun is shining again but it is -2º Celsius going down to minus 6 tonight.

I am glad Haakon has his thick winter rug on.  I worry.

Now off to unpack my winter sweaters. Thermal vest on.  Check.

4 thoughts on “Winter’s Back

  1. Sam

    Not quite that cold in New England but we are having early April temps instead of May. So the flannel sheets are still on the bed and the woolies are not yet put away.

  2. Linda K

    I hope that weather is not heading in my direction.
    Monster has the right idea, finding a patch of sun to bask in. He looks thinner, or it could just be the way he’s lying!


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