Wet Trippering

Today, I was mostly a tourist.


A wet and rainy tourist. But I haven’t been a tourist for a while so it was wonderful.

First stop was the girls – who were very, very soggy (and so were we every time we stopped the car,  got out to take photos).




But, I will be honest, it was a luxury to have the time to see Shetland as a passenger rather than driving from A to B.


We saw Shetland in the rain and it was still beautiful.

BN2A1168 BN2A1169  BN2A1211 BN2A1222 BN2A1234 BN2A1242

We met Lambie’s potential girlfriend – she (who maybe a he, not that he would mind to be honest) was gorgeous with a very alluring expression.


Autumn in Shetland is beginning to arrive and the accompanying flowers are making the effort in force before Winter makes its’ mark.


We went to places I don’t normally go.

BN2A1211 BN2A1188

And we stopped to take photos I don’t generally take!


So all was good and I am writing this thinking I showed my friends My Shetland – the places I find the most magical and special.


And then there was the Welcome Committee when I came home.

My boys!


Tis a magical place, Shetland.


6 thoughts on “Wet Trippering

  1. Rebecca Final

    Absolutely beautiful Frances. Thank you so much for sharing. But, didn’t you JUST get summer? And now you are getting Fall. That’s a VERY short summer my dear.


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