We’re Walking in a Gale

The wind never stops blowing, consistently at gale force, and, as Floss and OH had made a bid for freedom (Lerwick or The Big L, as it is known in our house) saying something about cabin fever and hair dye, I knew the task of dog-walking befell to me.

Meanwhile, Lambie and Lambster had learned how to escape from their daytime field and were contentedly eating the grass around the house, while I left to walk the dogs to Watsness.

We were going at a good speed, with the wind behind us, when I looked behind me.  There was Lambie running up the track yelling “Muzzah” .  How he had squeezed through the gate, I do not know, but he did and he left behind him a fretting Lambster without a backward glance.


I had no lead and I was not going back, so Lambie came too.


Lambie was victorious (silly sideways galloping and bouncing) but surprisingly very obedient and well behaved.


Afterwards, I went to talk to Vitamin.  She is a very photogenic mare.  Always has been.


She is also wintering very well, perhaps a tad too well but it doesn’t matter – I can slim her down in the spring.  For the time being, her job is to be Delia’s constant companion.


Delia is very happy with her thick rug.  She is in at night, with a lovely quilted stable rug and is  pleased with her life of luxury.


Her arthritis has good and bad days (I know that feeling) but ,for as long as she comes running for a carrot, barges everyone else out of the way with her ears flat back and a dragonlike gleam in her eyes, then I know she is enjoying her life.

We take every day as it comes, though.

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