Went Out

Jo cooked a delicious wabbit pie for lunch – her uncle was going back south so this was a good-bye lunch.  I had brought the dogs with me and requested that they went for a run in the field, which would save me a long dog walk later as my back is still very painful.

After the pie, we went out.  BeAnne was very taken with an old fishing float/football.


Loki went off with the big lads, Snati and Beeble.


He ran and ran everywhere, annoying everyone. He just lacks the necessary social dog skills.  They do become very fed up with him and I can’t blame them.


BeAnne did her own thing, which included taking herself off for a little swim in the burn and then rolling in as many smelly things as she could find.  She even rolled back into the burn.  I’m sorry, but we laughed.


When Loki jumped into the neighbour’s field after rabbits, Jo was very impressed to see he could easily be called off and would return – I felt rather smug at this stage.

L1080273 L1080278

In this enormous field, as well as the four dogs, were the Icelandic horse mares and fillies plus Klaengur, my gelding.  Esja is 3 this year and grown into a lovely lady.  She is very inquisitive and gentle.

L1080293 L1080301 L1080307

Esja was a little too inquisitive about BeAnne so we popped her onto Klaengur’s back for safety.   He is used to her sitting there but it intrigued Esja, much to BeAnne’s disgust.

I did warn Esja.  I did try and then BeAnne told her exactly that she thought of her!


Esja luckily got the plot and left her alone to sit on her “throne”.


It was a beautiful spring day.  The horses are all looking very well and the grass is coming in slowly.


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