We all go along

Spring is starting to try now.  The clocks go back next Sunday and James II is still alive. So all is good.  We think James II has gone back into hibernation as he is always asleep, so we change his bedding when needed and put out fresh food and water, just in case.  Let’s hope he will wake up slowly and feel more like himself soon.  That’s all we can do.

Luckily the no one else is really interested in James II.

This is Monster’s very excellent Bitchy Resting Face!

And this is Monster looking a bit more cheerful.  A Cheshire cat moment.

The horses are all doing fine.

They are have started to look for the new Spring grass, apart from Taktur who wanted some alone time.

I found him standing by himself deep in thought when I came home this afternoon having taken the car to get petrol.

I told him he looked very gorgeous.

Such a Handsome Prince. Be still my beating heart. ❤️  I wish everyone was as nice as Taktur.

6 thoughts on “We all go along

  1. Sam

    Very handsome Gent in the field. Happy to know you are having a day free from serious worries. Sleep well, James II.

  2. Elva

    I believe in his first picture, Monster is plotting some mysterious escapades. In the second shot, he has ironed out all of the details and is just waiting for the proper moment to put his plans into action.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Yes Taktur is handsome, that’s for sure…..and nice besides! So glad to hear that James II is still alive, even if he is hibernating.


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