Waffle’s Turn

While Vitamin was scarfing down her food along with a small guilty little mopper-upperer who had snuck in when I wasn’t noticing, ….

….Waffle took possession of the shed.  He was in like a rat up a drain pipe.  A very pretty rat, though.

Waffle was very pleased with himself.

Lots of smiling and a lovely nosey to plant a kiss on.

After her breakfast bucket, Vitamin wanted in so shoved her way past Waffle and went inside too.

Waffle blocked the entrance by looking utterly gorgeous and he practiced for a hair shampoo advert.

Albie appeared out of nowhere too.  It’s amazing just how many that small shed can fit.  I will wait to see if one rainy day the whole herd has squished in!

2 thoughts on “Waffle’s Turn

  1. Sam

    Mopper-uppers are very needed, you know. Waste not a drop, says Pepper. She is just being thrifty, yeah, THAT’S s her story. Now as for the “how many Minions fit in the shed?” – that pile up makes me smile. Especially Waffle’s nose and Albie’s delight in being the shed.


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