Waffle’s Dad

Very occasionally, you meet a Shetland pony stallion that takes you breath away – this is Waffle’s dad,  He is gorgeous.  Seriously gorgeous – a super model.

His PEDIGREE. is Transy and Marshwood breedlines.   Whilst having been awarded high marks for assessment in Norway, the majority of his progent have gone on to do very well

(including Waffle, in my eyes – it is not his fault that he was starved to near death in his formative months and might be a little bit on the small side).


So , let me introduce you to Waffle’s Sire –  Wulfert v.d. groote woerd and he is a gentleman in every way – temperament, good looks, conformation, etc.  The type of Shetland pony to take your breath away.


I think I am in love (**** sigh ****)


Today Wulfert returned to Shetland from Norway and I instantly liked him.


However, to be very honest,  I think Waffle perhaps takes after his mother more in looks but he definitely has his father’s temperament – laid back while taking everything in his stride and forever offering to help. So really the best of both worlds for me.


I hope to see more of Wulfert.  He is just my type of guy.






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