Waffle or He Who Dances in Buckets

Somewhere in Shetland there is a little faat black pony who loves dancing in all the water buckets left out for him and his friends by his kind and extremely tolerant owner and rescuer.

He just can’t help himself – like a moth to a flame….

Waffle only has to see a bucket of water and whoosh, he’s in like Esther Williams but without the flowery swimming hat.

Yes, Waffle, the finger points at you.  He is definitely the culprit, despite looking incredibly innocent and rarely caught on film comitting this heinous crime.

These are the preferred buckets, kindly filled daily with fresh water because of said dancing and they are always empty when we find them.

Luckily no one has to rely on this water because there are numerous streams, ditches and even a whole loch-full of water in the adjoining field below.

Which is lucky really because absolutely no one is talking to Waffle or He Who Dances in Water Buckets – that would be his Native American name if he had one.

Absolutley no one!

7 thoughts on “Waffle or He Who Dances in Buckets

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh bless him (i know, i know … i dont have to live with it). Love this post!

    We have a cat who has ruined the walls near his water bowl as he absolutely has to paw/agitate the water for at least 5 minutes before drinking (and no, a fountain does not stop this behaviour). The only reason we dont put the water bowl in the middle of the room is because I would trip over it daily!

    At least Waffle is only destroying your hard work out of doors ….

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Sam

    He Who Dances in Water Buckets is rather attractive. Is he trying to gain access to the water sprites? Or is he part otter?

  3. Linda Kirk

    In the second picture, he does look slightly sheepish. Still, what happened to innocent until proved guilty? Condemned without proof! poor Whaffle.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Such great pictures Frances…but I was really hoping you could catch him in the act of dancing in the water buckets. Oh well….I’ll leave it to my imagination! That last pic is a doozy too!

  5. Linda

    Oh, just look at that smile…he knows full well what he’s doing 😉
    (Maybe give him a new name – “Rascal”?


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