I will be rich – we had a fabulous rainbow and, as you can see, it ended in my property.  Folk will be sent out with shovels to dig for gold.


There was a rumble down the track, the dogs barked and Jo arrived with two visiting Icelandic horses – Kolka and our Hetja.


Janette (Kolka’s owner) wanted to do join-up in an enclosed space.

BN2A7764 BN2A7767

and then she rode her.


Jo and Daisy rode Hetja.  It has been a while since I have seen Hetja ridden and it is good to see there is a huge improvement already.  All the saddle/cold back issues have gone and Hetja is a lovely willing horse.  She is wearing Klaengur’s saddle at the moment and is very happy in it.

BN2A7793 BN2A7831

Hetja is such a kind and trustworthy horse. She still reminds me of our late Icelandic mare, Ugla, who died far too early many years back.  Both show the same dignity and regal presence.  Real ladies.

BN2A7847 BN2A7851

Daisy brought Iacs in to show Jo his “poorly paw”.  While Iacs was waiting, he managed to trash the whole area.  He located and ate Taktur’s leftover food, had the brushes down from their shelves and was wearing the pooper scoop round his ears.  Every so often Daisy would shout “Iacs” in an admonishing way so he would duly look up guiltily, stop for a short while and then return to the business of leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.  He is known for this behaviour and when we had the riding school, there were little signs everywhere saying “do not tie Iacs here” – this was after he was found eating someone’s packed lunch!


Personally, I blame the parent.


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