My Land Rover is dead. It makes very squeaky noises when driven so I booked it in to spend the last few days at the garage where they freed the steering and topped up the power steering fluid.


Bjørn’s (my neighbour and trainer) 4×4 car also died and is being mended. This weekend he needed to move his ponies as they are due to foal, need moving, etc.


I phoned my garage on Friday to see if my Land Rover was ready and I was told to collect it and to drive it around this weekend so they could check the levels (I am assuming of the Power Steering fluid).  Knowing Bjørn needed help, I offered and we have spent the last two days moving ponies.


Here are a few photos of his herds. I like Bergli ponies.  They are never difficult and always very sweet (Waffle is a Bergli pony and, when we first rescued him from his subsequent owner, Waffle was the only one we could catch).  So Bergli ponies are always easy, an absolute delight to be around.


I have had such fun, these past few days.


This is Alex – a fairy tale stallion who, while I have been waiting for Bjørn to bring another pile of ponies to move, has entertained me with his moving hair-do!


He is a dream and he makes me laugh!


The boys are wonderful.  They are just so handsome!

BN2A6174 BN2A6249 BN2A6266 BN2A6304  BN2A6332

So back to normal tomorrow.  The weather is threatening but this was a good reminder that Shetland ponies actually need to be Shetland ponies.


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  1. Rebecca Final

    beautiful, beautiful ponies. I especially love the photo 3rd from the bottom. It’s a great shot and the soft eye peeking out from the windblown mane and forelock is just perfect.


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