Useless Photographer

I had a lovely afternoon walking the dogs on Sandness beach, taking photos and generally enjoying being almost the only person there.  This is one of my favourite places to go.


There had been a spring storm yesterday and last night so the beach had been rearranged again by the pounding waves and tides.


Masses of seaweed had been brought ashore and I am a huge seaweed fan of the edible variety.  I didn’t pick any as it was not fresh (i.e. I don’t know how long it has been floating about for in the sea without clinging onto the necessary rocks).  I do know some folk eat it and I want to get a lesson of how and where to cut it.  I could munch on this stuff forever.

BN2A3817 BN2A3828BN2A3819 BN2A3824

I took Loki and BeAnne with me on my walk.  They sort of enjoy it on the beach (prefer the fields) and they don’t tend to explore or race about like Celt used to. He loved this beach.

BN2A3841 BN2A3813

(in fact I would go as far as to say BeAnne was rather sulky).


So onwards and upwards to see the girls.   I thought I would take loads of lovely photos of them but somehow I had fiddled with the setting on my camera lens.  I felt a bit of a fool when I uploaded the terrible photos onto my computer.  They are now instantly destined for the bin.


Another time.

Still it was a nice walk.

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