Twitcher – me?

After the previous days of shite, today the sun shone and the wind gave up.  All was well with the world here in Shetland.

I called everyone up with the intention of riding, grooming and sorting back into fatties and non-fatties.


I rode Klaengur, Taktur and Haakon.  I free-reined Kappi and I brushed The Minions and put nappy rash cream on Storm’s green bottom (too much grass perhaps!)

The boys milled about outside the house.  You can tell that Klaengur is terrified of cars by the panicky way he is nodding off.


There was a specific bird singing away that I had spied on a previous visit to the compost heap.


So I decided to try and take some photos.

And then the helpers arrived.

BN2A9102 BN2A9114 BN2A9116

For a cat that never moves in daylight hours, Wussums was very determined to help me.


As was BeAnne who was impossible.  Wherever I go, she follows.  I know and I can’t stop her or she becomes resentful.


But all credit to this little Goldcrest (Regulus regulus – btw the smallest bird in Europe) and his mate.  They just hopped through the trees and flew about beautifully singing their hearts out.

BN2A9132 BN2A9137 BN2A9145

A bit of a little chub!  Ooof!

BN2A9147 BN2A9150 BN2A9152 BN2A9153

I never thought of myself as a twitcher but this has to be one of the sweetest little tweet-tweets I have seen.


(and no, neither Wussums or BeAnne put it off or got it – phew!)

5 thoughts on “Twitcher – me?

  1. Nick

    Great pics of the goldcrest – they are tiny birds aren’t they? I’ve found them to be quite bold, so they probably weren’t the slightest bit bothered by Wu and Her Maj…

  2. Linda K

    Nice photos of the bird. He certainly is a bit rotund, I daresay he’ll be needing his fat reserves shortly.


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