Training Breakthrough

So very proud of my little boys today.

Daisy and I went to catch them for their in-hand training and we managed to bring the wrong headcollar.  A small one.

So, I walked up to Efstur and put it on him.
First time ever!

Yes, we practiced a lot this summer with Mr Headcollar but we never actually achieved.  The only time Efstur has let me put a headcollar on him has been in the stable or once in the school, the other day.

What a little dude.

(Daisy went back for Hjalti’s headcollar and we led them through the garden (the shortest route, but don’t tell my OH) and into the school.

We tied them both up.

Efstur worked out that he is required to just stand there and not prat about.

Today’s main lesson was about feet.  Efstur has had his feet trimmed before but it is a necessity that he gets used to having his hooves handled.

Efstur was fairly good.  He didn’t have to lift it so high (his choice) but he has to learn he can never snatch it back or kick out.

After a bit of gentle persuasion, Efstur understood what we wanted and we will now incorporate this into his training.

After feet, next a walk.

Praise the good and ignore the bad.

Efstur was a good boy.  He tried very hard.  He wanted to understand and concentrated on this.

The dressage whip is not used as a whip – it is more for guidance.


And then hardfeed in his new bucket.  I think purple suits him.

We are starting to get to know Efstur now.

This is the bit I like the best.  I will probably never ride him, but I will help teach him his manners.

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  1. Judith Garbutt

    What good boys! There was an Icelandic pony competing in the affiliated dressage on Wednesday at Northallerton Equestrian Centre in North Yorkshire,


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