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My weekly flute lesson was this morning.  Afterwards Flossie and I went into town to do some messages.


I visited a lovely little shop that sells my photos as cards amongst many other gorgeous Shetland gifts.


It is always great to see my work in print and apparently the cards are selling very well.


And then we spotted Fivla as a jigsaw puzzle (and I think they have other ones too but they were on re-order due to their huge popularity).


This afternoon, once home, I went to Sandness for my other task I had been meaning to do but keep forgetting – to put Sudocrem on Hetja’s poor sunburned nose.  Every time I see her I remember and then instantly forget to do anything about it.


Hetja and her friends were at the top of a 130m hill called The Spinner (so that was my exercise for the day – here is the view).


I lugged my camera with the pot of cream in my pocket.


Hetja was not very impressed with her cream and rushed off in a rage but I intend to treat her daily until her sunburn calms down.  I hope she comes down the hill occasionally.


I had brought her a carrot but she had left before I could give it to her.  Funnily enough, a friendly little Shetland pony arrived so I wiped my hands on him and gave him the carrot to say thank you.


Once Hetja and Hjalti had calmed down, I managed to take some photos of them.


Hjalti is very gorgeous and his nosey looks unscathed by the sun.  I doubt I would get cream near that.


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