Today we went to see…..

Today, the sun was shining so Floss and I went a-visiting over to Sandness, 4 miles away, where the mares are.

Firstly was Esja frá Viðinesi IS2011225481.  She was exported from Iceland as a yearling filly and is now about to start her training.  All grown up now.


And then I wanted to see Little Himself, aka Hjalti (Man from Shetland).  He has grown like a weed.


He is still not very forward about coming over for a chat.


But Floss, BeAnne and I sat on a rock, and Hjalti was immediately braver because we were now his height.


He really is stunning and I am not just saying that because I am totally biased.


I looked at the ground, put my hand out, palm-side down and then there was a warm breath with a slight whiskery tickle.  I didn’t look up – just remained quietly investigated.


And then Hjalti was gone again, back to the safety of his friends and his Mum.


A magical moment.

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